Vesa Kivinen to Paint Artworks on Veena Malik’s Body

Vena Malik Art work body painted nude pictureBollywood starlet Pakistani Veena Malik knows the art of hitting the headlines time and again and can go to any extent for this purpose. Now she has partnered with Finnish artist Vesa Kivinen who will paint a series of portraits directly on her skin. She has voluntarily allowed the well known Finish artist to use her body as canvas to paint richly colored themes directly on to her body.

The artworks Vesa Kivinen will paint of Veena Malik’s body are labelled as a dialogue between three dimensional physiology and gesture coupled with the aesthetics of two dimensional painting that coalesce into a singular object of art and are believed to explore themes from ancient & religious traditions to our contemporary global melting pot. Veena Malik feeling very glad on that Finland’s well known visual artist Vesa Kivinen had called her to work with him. Veena Malik said that she was here just for the love of art.

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