Bonanza Satrangi Winter Collection 2013-2014 for Women

Satrangi by Bonanza 2013-14 on the Cover of Sunday Times (1)Bonanza is one of the leading suppliers of clothing in the country. It has been providing garments for men and women from the years. This winter too, has come up with amazing clothes. After winter clothes 2013 Bonanza, Bonanza Satrangi collection for winter 2013-2014 was released today.

Bonanza Collection Satrangi is another winter collection consisting of sweaters and jackets for women. It has all the necessary stylish clothing for the winter season. Moreover, as the clothes are Bonanza, you can be sure that they will be of high quality. So, if you want winter clothes, check out the Bonanza Satrangi collection for winter 2013-2014.

Bonanza Garments was formed many years ago to provide high quality Pakistani clothing. It provides such apparel for men and women. For men, wear Western clothing is provided and kurtas. For women, it offers ready to wear clothing and designer fabrics. Clothing of many different types of fabrics is offered by Bonanza. Clothes are always fashionable and good quality. Therefore, if you are interested in getting clothes Bonanza, you can visit any of their stores has been opened in different parts of Pakistan.

You can see pictures of the Bonanza Satrangi 2013-2014 collection for next winter. These belong to a session by Nadir Firoz Khan published in the Sunday Times. Makeup was by Raana Khan and the style was by Maha Burney. The models of the photos are Amna Babar and Huma Khan. If you want to get these clothes in Bonanza Satrangi for winter 2013-2014 collection, just visit the nearest store Bonanza.

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